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A Digital Arts School Is Like Neverland

Many of us may still vividly recall the story of a fictional character that captured the attention of children and adults alike. In fact this story, which initially conquered every household’s television screen, also became a movie hit in the past. To set the record straight, this popular fictional character originally appeared in an international novel published more than a century ago. Furthermore, it was also introduced as a theatrical play and first staged in early 20th century.

Who among the young today can ever forget Peter Pan and the famous Neverland? This place was known to many as the place as the place of eternal childhood. To sum it up, the story is full of adventure, making it entertaining and exciting.

Let’s Connect Them

Today, a digital arts school is comparable to Neverland. Why is this so? Though there is no such thing as eternal childhood, this comparison becomes possible because both seem to offer possibilities with no boundaries at all. IT students who study multimedia-related courses are not limited to doing things that are beyond their imagination.

If impossible things happened in Neverland, the same can be expected when one is studying or working in the field of:

– Multimedia arts
– Software engineering
– Information technology
– Computer graphics
– Game development
– 3D animation

Rare Works of Art

Studying in a digital arts school is as exciting as seeing your dream coming true. When you’re in such a field of expertise, you’ll be able to create excellent masterpieces.

Let’s have a glimpse of two amazing creations of CIIT students.

One is the digital painting created by Hanz Tan who is currently enrolled in multimedia arts. He painted the beautiful face of a girl in black-and-white. This piece did not make use of any traditional tools such as watercolor, brush, pastel, charcoal, and drawing board. What the creator did was to merely use a computer, a digitizing tablet and stylus, and an appropriate software program. Through the help of the knowledge he gained from studying digital arts and other related learning areas, Hanz came up with an astounding output that really deserves a write-up.

The other one is the modification of a photo into a vector image, which was created by Henry de Guzman. He is currently specializing in Computer Graphics. He made use of the picture of a beautiful girl and converted it into another type€”a €vectorized€ graphic. The process, which is also known as image tracing, isn’t as easy as what its other name wants to imply. Knowing the fact that it requires thorough knowledge of the application, the creator seemed to be a professional graphic designer because he really made an impressive final image. You’ve got to see the difference for you to believe that Henry’s skill is magnificent.

Expertise Matters

Skills that are left unused or rarely practiced may tend to fade in the coming years. Therefore, it is important to always use them and obtain favorable things in return. Start enhancing your skills now with the leading digital arts school in the Philippines€”CIIT.

You can also do and even exceed what Hanz and Henry did. With CIIT, it is guaranteed that you’ll also be able to find your own €Neverland.€

CIIT believes every talent needs to be exposed because each artistic skill really matters. CIIT invites you to enroll now.