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Canvas Paintings As a Digital Art Form

Believe it or not, but most of the artists today use some type of digital format to create their works. It doesn’t matter if it’s freeware such as GIMP or a pricey digital art software, it can be hard to tell the difference between hand-painted canvas paintings and digital art that is printed on canvas. Beautiful bright colors, crisp clear lines, wonderful portraits, all can look like they were done by hand on canvas when they were done on a computer.

Digital art has become so popular because many artists find it easier to create a masterpiece on their computer than with paints on canvas. You can erase mistakes, change the layout, or erase everything with a single click. There is little room for “do overs” on canvas when you are painting by hand. If a mistake is made or the artist wants to change the layout, normally the entire painting is scrapped and another is started. This gives yet another perk to digital art, as it saves the artist money on materials.

Once an artist has created a work, they can send it to a canvas printer to have it turned into a canvas painting. Since canvas is not flat like paper is, once a piece of digital art is printed on it, it suddenly comes to live. The different fibers that make up canvas take the ink and soak them in, creating a unique look that brings a life-like feel to any digital art work. The inks that are used to create canvas prints of digital artwork are designed to last for decades and still look beautiful. Oil and acrylic paints can be easily damaged by the elements, dry or humid weather, accidental bumps, and even the oils in your skin – and once that painting is damaged or deteriorates, it is gone forever. That’s just one more reason that many artists are having their work printed as canvas paintings.

Of course, having a digital art piece printed on canvas is the icing on the cake when it comes to digital art. Now, instead of only having one painting, artists can print as many of their paintings as they would like. This means that they can do only one, or do a limited number for a special run. It gives the artist freedom to create art work so that their fans can enjoy original prints instead of copies.

When you’re ready to have your digital artwork enhanced by printing them on canvas to become canvas paintings, make sure you seek out an expert canvas printing company that has great choices for wrapping styles, sizes, good prices, and experience working with artists.